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AWFP is a pan-African not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building a community for African women, trans & gender non-conforming; in cards, fintech & payments in Africa.

As the first and only Pan-African community for women, AWFP strives to create more opportunities for women in the continent, as well as African women in diaspora by intentionally being a champion for a more diverse and inclusive industry for all.

Our Workshops

Our workshops and events bring women in together for a day or two for industry-focused sessions to learn about issues and trends, network with peers and celebrate women’s achievements from across the payments ecosystem.

Our Events

Our events and workshops offer an opportunity to the women to listen to renowned and upcoming female fintech & payments experts and role models who are leaders in the field; female pioneers and innovators in the fintech and payments industries and female leaders who are paving the way to success for women across all sectors.

Our Programmes

Africa is a very diverse continent, with rich cultures, traditions, languages and countries. 

AWFP is very intentional in ensuring that nobody is left behind.  To serve the community well, AWFP has various programmes that run throughout the year.

AWFP has the following programmes currently available:

  • Country Chapters
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Women in Leadership
  • Young Leaders Membership
  • Membership Programme (Individual & Corporate)
  • Corporate Sponsorship Programme

Community Portal

Joining AWFP is 100% FREE. As a not-for profit organisation, our commitment is to our community members.

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